How do you throw the best Christmas party: 9 unique Christmas ideas

After a thrilling ride throughout the year, finally, it’s Christmas time to celebrate the holiday bash. There is so much pressure on you to host an epic and fun-filling Christmas party that should be different and beyond the set standards. Because when it’s standard party, there’s a lull and guests start yawning, which ultimately means you deliver a boring show.

There comes the vital question how do you throw the best Christmas party that’s more than a strand of string lights, store-bought cookies, and Christmas music on repeat? Additionally, what are some Christmas activities that nail the show? Hang in there. I’ve got incredible Christmas activities that are surely going to be a hit, and you’ll become the favorite party hostess! So without delaying further, get ready to throw the merriest holiday party ever with these stunning Christmas ideas.

1. Organize your Christmas party

First up, you need to decide your party is going to be formal, semi-formal, or casual. You can ask guests for their opinion, too. Their inclusion in decision-making would help them to own the party, and everyone would be delighted to see their ideas in execution. Once you get done with the theme, let’s move on to the food.

2. Around-the-world food counters

When you plan the best Christmas party in the town, it would be more than a regular dinner and fondue. Prepare different continental and regional foods and make them available self-service. For instance, have three counters. Mexican, Asian, and Chinese tables/counters/lobbies. Not just that, desserts and drinks of continents and regions should be available on their counters respectively.

What’s more? Provide a notepad on each counter so that guests can write their experience with different food items, and based on those recommendations, other attendees would try various cuisines. Around-the-world food is a pretty good Christmas activity, and guests can’t complain about the food. This idea would keep them engaged and thrilled, too!

3. Create a playlist with karaoke

Christmas party without music? Not possible. But if you do it all yourself, a few participants would like your mix-match music list, and others might differ with you. Of course, you want to organize a ho-ho event for every guest instead of a ho-hum. Make everyone a part of it, and ask them about their choice. Based on that, you can play the music and even mention who recommends which track.

To make it more exciting, organize a karaoke activity and let your guests sing old songs of the 70s and 80s. Be sure to check out this karaoke machine on Amazon.

4. Christmas party for a social cause

When the theme is more formal, invite guests to come with a charitable item. Instead of doing a gift exchange, let your party be all about giving and organizing donation events for local charities, animal shelters, food pantries, or a local family in need. It’s a wonderful way to add to the warmth and joy of the season. This activity would spread feel-good feelings with the trickledown effect.

5. Set up a photo booth

The photo booth is one of the things that holds the attention from kids to adults. Rather than snapping pictures against a plain wall, pick up an extra holiday-patterned tablecloth to hang as a cheery backdrop, and add a few fun props too—giant candy canes, Santa hats, and beards are sure to spark extra merriment. The photo booth will turn a boring party into an interesting one, and every guest would love to get in on the action.

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6. Christmas quiz

Place a box and ask your guests to write something good about another guest (anonymously). Guests write about another person without mentioning their own name. Finally, you’ll open the box and read what’s written inside. However, make sure you open the box and read yourself what’s written to avoid awkward situations.

The rule is that each one would only write good or funny things about another, and if someone breaks the rule, you’ll not read that comment and tear apart the note so that no one would be able to read it. This way, you’ll ensure that the party is interesting and there will be no bad taste.

7. Stand-up comedy

There are always a few ones who have lots of funny stories to tell. Give them a stage and let everybody else laugh hard. Invite guests to come up and share the most comic stories from their past. You can also place a voting box and announce the winner at the end. The winner would get a surprise gift from the hostess!

8. Gingerbread house decorating

You need to prepare some gingerbread houses and let your guests do the décor of these houses. Participants can choose a partner and do this activity in a team. Make sure you offer plenty of icing, different colored gumdrops, and any other creative toppings you can think of. Turn this activity into a game by awarding prizes to the team with the most elaborate gingerbread house.

9. White elephant

It is one of the most common Christmas games, but it still qualifies to become part of this list of unique Christmas party ideas. In order to play this game, each one ahead of time to bring a wrapped gift to contribute to a general gift table. Each player then chooses a gift from the table one by one but has the alternate option to steal another player’s gift, too. The game gets ended when there is no gift remaining on the general gift table!

Final thoughts

How do you throw the best Christmas party? What are some Christmas activities? Well, you don’t have to look further. I’ve provided the best Christmas ideas, and each one is going to offer guaranteed joy, happiness, and thrill. Each idea included on the list has something for everyone, and from kids to grandpa, everybody would fall in love with your Christmas party! Let this Christmas party occupies the minds for a long time, and participants will cherish this wonderful gathering until next Christmas!

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